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THE FLASH producer talks season 2; plus check out a quick glimpse at the future!

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Time flies when you’re the fastest man alive, and it felt like only yesterday when the first season of The Flash ended on the kind of cliffhanger that usually swallows entire cities. And that’s going to leave Barry Allen in some uncharted waters, as he finds himself hopping through the DC multiverse and time itself.

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According to producer Gabrielle Stanton, season 2 will see Barry truly embrace the idea of not only being extraordinarily gifted, but a real hero as well. “He went through a lot, at the end of last season,” Stanton said to Collider.

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He’s definitely going to start this season with a step back and be like, “What am I doing? Why am I doing this?” If last season was the journey of Barry discovering he’s a hero, this season is definitely him trying to figure out what that means. What is it to be a hero? What does he need to be a hero?

What is it going to do to his personal relationships? It’s an evolution that’s going to start in the beginning of the season, and go all season long. You’re going to see, early on, Barry coming into his own as The Flash, a little bit more. He has to make some terrible decisions, and he’s going to struggle with those.

He’s going to think about, can I live with myself, having to make those decisions, and still do what I do? That’s something he’s going to be struggling with, for the first half of the season. Some of it is learning how to be okay with his past decisions, some of it is learning how to make better decisions, in the future, and some of it is about how he can let people help him make decisions.

But Barry won’t be alone. He’ll still have a solid cast around him, to support and teach him. “He still has Joe, he still has his dad, and we’re introducing Jay Garrick, who will be a mentor character to Barry. Jay has seen some things that Barry hasn’t seen, and he’s going to be helping him through the process,” Stanton explained.

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Garrick of course, isn’t just another mentor. He also happens to be able to tap into the Speed Force, using that power to become the Flash of his parallel timeline, Earth-2. And a bond will be formed between the two, in a far more meaningful way than the one that existed between Barry and the Reverse-Flash:

Reverse Flash was always trying to get Barry to run faster. He seemed like he was really helping him, but really, he was doing it for his own evil purposes. Hopefully, it’s going to be a little bit different now that Barry is exploring the use of his powers without the man who killed his mother sitting on his shoulder.

I’m pretty damn excited for The Flash to return. The show has an infectious enthusiasm around it, which sets it apart from grittier TV fare. And we could all do with a little bit more optimism. Here’s a ten second look at season 2, which features Adam “Edge” Copeland as new villain, the Atom-Smasher in the October 6 return. And a Flash-Signal! Batman is gonna sue somebody.

Last Updated: August 19, 2015

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