THE FLASH's full costume revealed! – UPDATED with more pics

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While it had a rocky start, leaving you more green with barfing than jealousy, The CW’s Arrow has gone on to become a very solid superhero tale, placing the emerald archer in a much more realistic world. Well, realistic until people started exhibiting superpowers. One such person was Grant Gustin’s Barry Allen aka the Flash, who after an energy wave and some random chemicals finds himself leading his very own spinoff show. And based on this first look at the scarlet speedster’s full costume, he’s definitely dressed for the part

The costume was designed  by Oscar winning designer Colleen Atwood, and The Flash pilot director and executive producer David Nutter (Arrow, Game of Thrones) had this to say about her work:

“I hope the fans who treasure the character are as excited as we are by what costume designer Colleen Atwood has achieved with this latest version of The Flash’s iconic suit.”

And here is that iconic suit in the flesh spandex? polymer? whatever that is? Click Here for a really hi-res version, so that you can scrutinize every detail with your Fanboy Vision:


So as the resident giant comic nerd  around here, my first reaction is that I really dig it. The CW have toned down the very comic-bookiness of it, by deepening the red, pulling in the ear lightning bolts, using a red and not white background for the chest emblem and changing his boots from yellow to a gold and red mix to match his gauntlets (there also appears to be some embellishments on his knees, but I can’t make it out too clearly). They’ve also gone for the chain-mail cloth effect that was also used on Superman’s costume in Man of Steel, which looks pretty cool.

My biggest problem here is actually with the pic itself, specifically how awkwardly Gustin is posed. What is he supposed to be doing? Looks like somebody snapped a pic mid-stumble and if they had waited just one more second, we’d be looking at an image of him faceplanting. The angle of the image also seems to give Gustin a rather enlarged dome, making the cowl look more like a helmet than part of the suit.

I would have loved if CW could just have gone with a straight up shot of him running, instead of this semi-fall, so I could truly see how Gustin looks as the superhero.


Ask and we shall receive, apparently, as some more pics of Gustin in the costume has surfaced online, and these give us a proper full body shot:


Holy bad tailoring, Batman! Either my theory in the comments below of how Gustin still needs to bulk up and grow into the suit is correct, or the CW just have really bad tailors who can’t take measurements, because that costume looks like it seriously needs to be tightened up in a few places.

I still think the suit, as a real world translation of a very bright costume, is a great design, I just don’t think it sits all that well on the actor. Also, why is the Flash power walking?!

The pilot episode of The Flash, which acclaimed Flash comic scribe Geoff Johns will be co-writing, is currently in production. The costumed hero was originally set to make his debut in one of Arrow‘s later season two episodes, but it has since been decided to rather do a standalone episode. No ETA yet on when it will screen.

Last Updated: March 12, 2014

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