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The Forever Purge trailer imagines a world where everyone keeps on purgin’

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The first Purge movie released back in 2013 was a massive success due to its clever politically charged story about a government sanctioned murder spree being legal for 12 hours once a year, allowing people to work through their homicidal tendencies and preserve society. Provided that you survived the night that is.

Problem is, like with most decent horror movies, it was followed up by far too many mediocre sequels and even got a TV series of its own. Mercifully, Blumhouse looks to finally be bringing the franchise to an end (until they inevitably reboot it in a few years’ time) with one last visit to the Purge in this new film titled The Forever Purge.

Unlike previous movies though, this film will not actually take place during the Purge itself, but rather directly after it, as a group of citizens are adamant that they never want the event to end and enact a rain of terror over a small Texas town, thus creating the Forever Purge. Yes, it sounds ridiculous, so let’s take a look at the trailer to see exactly what we can expect from this film:

I like the twist to the story and how it will deal with the long-term effects of what the Purge will have on society, with people clearly wanting to continue feeding their criminal tendencies. The film also looks like it will tap into a lot of the racial sensitivities around immigrants and the hotly debated border with Mexico, continuing the strong political undertones of the series. In terms of execution and scares though, the film looks exactly like what you expect, so don’t expect anything fresh in this department. In other words, prepare for plenty of gore, bizarre kills, and mediocre scares along the way.

The Forever Purge is expected to arrive in theatres on July 9 and will probably make its way to streaming service soon afterwards.

Last Updated: May 13, 2021

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