The good, the bad and the ugly of the last week – 25 April 2014

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The week is finally over – it’s time for the weekly wrap! So, grab some munchies while I set up the violin soloist to play something lyrical as we reminisce about the week that was. Oh, who am I kidding, it’s beer o’clock and reminiscing will just make you all cry.

Best Story

You might not have imagined there would be issues with specific game releases, but it’s always nice to get confirmation about big titles coming our way. The Witcher 3 will be coming to South Africa thanks to the awesome guys and gals from Megarom.

Worst Story

It’s always bad news when studios deteriorate. We can only hope that’s not the case at Naughty Dog as more people jump ship>

Best ION Header

KomboKitten Drow Ranger

With only a few days to choose from, and the fact that you all would kill me if my favorite True Blood werewolf were ION of the week, it is hands down our lovely and talented local, Kombo Kitten.

Most Comments

You all certainly had a lot to say about the Xbox One and its local launch. I take this award, and all its glory, this week.

Least Comments

I’m also picking up this award this week, as there was little to say about Riot’s teaser trailer for their new LoL champion, Braum.

Batman of the Week

Depro bats

At last, at long last, I am Batman! That’s right, the end of this week not only marks my anniversary on lazygamer, but I also managed to secure Batman with a powerful margin. I’d like to thank all of you for making this possible, and my mom, and my husband, and the academy, and what’s this hook dragging me off the stage?

Header Image of the Week


I didn’t do a clean sweep of the awards this week – Geoff secured his header of the week award with his hilarious and brilliant Call of Zoolander.

Comment of the Week

While we were very happy to have OVG Errorist and his rants back, my inability to locate a specific comment was mirrored by Admiral Chief in Space’s lack of will to actually write the formulaic comeback:

[insert mandatory coitus with deon’s mother statement coupled with insult about sexual preference and ability]

Last Updated: April 25, 2014

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