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The good, the bad and the ugly of the past week (24 June 2016)

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Snake in hat 1

I think it’s time for us to have a referendum. Should we leave the Earth Union and head off into the stars in hopes of a better world? I can’t help but feel like the end is nigh… But don’t worry friends, we’re still here. We’re still covering news. We’re still playing games and writing about it, so it can’t all be coming to an end. Right?

Best News

I’m happy to hear that Ubisoft is changing things up with the tower-based formula in Watch Dogs 2. Speaking of new-found freedom, Sony is giving Hideo Kojima a lot of it, too.

Worst News

RIP money, the Steam Sale has begun. Okay, maybe that’s actually good news for those of you who have been waiting for some sweet deals on games. But then I have proper bad news for you.

The Resident Evil spin off, Umbrella Corps, is not good, nor is Mighty No 9. Meanwhile, there seemed to be some shady practices with overclocked review samples of ASUS and MSI components, and the response hasn’t exactly inspired confidence. Don’t worry, you can still just sit and play with your toys, but you’ll never get to play with this awesome Doctor Strange one.

Random News

Overwatch is causing weird controversies. Is Torbjorn really breaking the game on console? And how about that amazing player who was so good she was accused of hacking and caused other professionals to rage quit the game? I don’t know how Hello Games didn’t rage quit development over the whole “we own the word Sky” lawsuit they’ve had to fight for the past few years.

Screw the Batman award

Batman begins

What do you know, Darryn strikes again. What a big surprise…

Owlman award


And Darryn also gets- OH NO HE DIDN’T! Look at that, we have a different winner! Congrats Kervyn on finally ending Darryn’s tyrannical reign. I hope you don’t also make listen to you wax lyrical about how great baked beans are. Please, please end Darryn’s imposition of rule of terrible food porn.

Header of the week

Dad bod of war

God of War is a dad story now, and Darryn created the worst form of nightmare fuel as a result. GAH! Pass the brain bleach!

Most Comments

For the second week running, this one goes to Kyle. Apparently, people had a lot to say about Torbjorn destroying Overwatch on console. Plus, it leads me nicely to our next category.

Best Comment

I know it’s lame. I know it’s silly, but this one made me giggle and that’s all that matters. So congrats Alien Emperor Trevor – you’re really very punny.

Once you respawn are you bjorn again?

Random bonus content

This week, I made the conscious decision not to ask Darryn for a link to use here, mostly because all his links traumatize me. Instead, here’s Geoff’s face in a video.


Last Updated: June 24, 2016

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