THE GOON gets successfully Kickstarted, proof of concept reel on the way

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The Goon is pretty much one of the weirdest, yet incredible comics on stands today, as it combines gangsters, psychos and the supernatural with some zombie-bashing action. What more could you want? How about a movie based on that? Well Hollywood isn’t too sure on whether or not it should invest some cash in such a project.

David Fincher is though, and thanks to you, he now has the cash to get the ball rolling on that film.

“Frankly, we don’t have the words to describe our APPRECIATION, Goon Fans,” the message on the Kickstarter page states. “We NEVER could have imagined how much SUPPORT we’d receive from this fan community. It’s truly been OVERWHELMING. Through your time, energy, dedication, and donations, you’ve given us an AMAZING opportunity to help keep The Goon Movie dream alive.”

Clearly, interest in the film is there, because the Kickstarter campaign managed to surpass the $400 000 goal, ending it’s run on $441 000 on Sunday. Since 2008, Goon creator Eric Powell and director David Fincher have been shopping around an idea for a Goon film, that would star Paul Giamatti and Clancy Brown as the two lead characters.

Thanks to that campaign though, Powell and Fincher can now concentrate on creating a more solid proof of concept reel to shop around to Hollywood, and hopefully get the ball rolling on a  full length film.

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Because seriously, if Beverly Hills Chihuahua can get some funding, why should The Goon have to go through so many loops? Well done to everyone who chipped in a few dollars. I mean, it’s only $45 million that Fincher and Powell need to make an animated movie that would make a Pixar film look like crap in comparison.

Make it so!

Last Updated: November 13, 2012

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