THE HANGOVER PART III red band trailer wants you to suck it, bitches! And also look at these 9 character posters

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Despite what writer-director’s Todd Phillips says, most people found The Hangover 2 to be pretty weak. The Wolfpack had seemingly lost its way. Also stopped being funny. At all. But now the gang is back with, with some seemingly new found canis lupus camaraderie and with this new red band trailer they would like to remind you of the good times that came before, and also give you a taste of the craziness that’s to follow.

Like Chow’s cock.

This time, there’s no wedding. No bachelor party. What could go wrong, right? But when the Wolfpack hits the road, all bets are off.

Besides for trailers these last couple of weeks has had the promo monkeys over at Warner Bros tossing out character posters every other day, and since I know that our readers tend to be the type of people who prefer exerting as little effort as possible when it comes to, well, anything, I’ve gone and rounded them all up – including a new chicken related one – for your viewing pleasure.

The Hangover Part III parachutes into cinemas on May 23, 2013.

Last Updated: May 20, 2013

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