The Justice League and The Avengers will go head to head in 2015

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I certainly hope those doomsaying Mayans got it wrong, and that we’re still kicking around on this blue marble in 2015. Warner Bros have finally set a broad date of US Summer (mid) 2015 for their own superhero-palooza, Justice League. Which just so happens to be around the same time as another superhero team up flick you may have heard of, The Avengers 2, gets released by the Marvellous competition.

So get as much cat videos and fail pics off the internet as you can over the next 3 years, I have a feeling it’s getting broken in half in 2015.

The news about the release date for Justice League comes just one day after Warner Bros finally won a lengthy and complex court case against the descendants of Superman co-creator Joe Schuster that has been going on for years. And as The LA Times reports, this case is also the reason why the Justice League movie has been stuck in limbo for so long. Essentially the case was about the rights to the famous character, with WB asserting that a 1992 agreement signed by Schuster’s sister Jean Peavy absolved her of any rights to Superman. And with their now being no doubt as to who actually owns the character, one whom is pretty central to the whole Justice League franchise, production can finally get under way in earnest.

WB had actually lost a similar case in 2008, to one of the heirs of the other Superman co-creator Jerry Siegel. The Siegel estate ended up with partial rights to the character, specifically such things as his costume and origin story, which is more than likely what prompted the character’s origin and appearance to be rebooted in the comics, just as it is being down now in the movie Man of Steel.

Also revealed in The LA Times‘s article is the fact that it appears that Warner Bros will definitely not be following the Avengers model of individual character movies all contributing towards and leading up to the Justice League movie, but rather that all solo efforts will be spinning out of this, post 2015. The sole exception of this could possibly be Henry Cavill’s Superman, who’s to be seen in Man of Steel. It’s still not confirmed that MoS will indeed tie into Justice League, but with so much emphasis being placed on the Superman ruling, it seems only likely.

What is definitely known though, is that by WB scheduling the film so close to Avengers 2, they’ve essentially just smacked Marvel through the face with a white satin glove and declared a duel. Batman already tried that once already this year and came up short, but maybe things will be different when he shows up with his super buddies for backup.

What do you guys think? Which super-team will come up tops?

Last Updated: October 19, 2012

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