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THE LEGEND OF KORRA is back – What did you think?

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It’s a good time to be a fan of anything right now. Chief of which, is quality animated TV series. The Legend of Korra returned over the weekend with a double bill of episodes. Let’s examine them.

So what’s new in the show? Well Korra is a touch more mature, you still have to deal with her, Mako is about as useful as wet cardboard now and the spirits are angry. That’s going to form the crux of this new book, as the spiritual world is in flux. But it’s not just the spirits who are in conflict. Brothers, nations and cultures are colliding, and somewhere along the way, somebody is going to wind up six feet under the dirt.

And yet, the show still has some heart. Bolin is carrying the humour of the show, filling out the need for a Sokka to be present. And the deadpan delivery of lines from Unalaq’s twin children Desna and Eska is just perfect.

Then there’s Asami discovering a little bit of the Avatar inside of her as well.

Avatar (5)

Tenzin’s tense relationship with his non-bending brother Buumi and his water-bending sister Kya.

Avatar (3)


Avatar (2)

A potential civil war between the North and South Water tribes.

The secret history of Korra’s father Tonraq.

Avatar (4)

And of course, Republic City getting its own Tony Stark, but on shrooms, Varrick.

Avatar (1)

What did you think of the new start overall?

Last Updated: September 16, 2013

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  1. I’m going to wait for the season to finish before watching it.


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