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The minions from Despicable Me are getting their own movie

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I enjoyed Despicable Me. It wasn’t the greatest CGI film ever made, but overall, it was pretty decent, and genuinely entertaining, thanks primarily due to the comic relief of the Gru’s minions.

They’re practically the mascots of the film, which will soon be expanding into sequel territory, and much like other, similar characters with merchandising potential, they’re going to be on the receiving end of their own spin-off film.

Deadline says the as-yet untitled film will feature the walking accident magnets in an original tale, adding new characters, with perhaps a few familiar faces thrown in as well, as the film will focus on “the antics of the yellow fellows as they interact with human characters.”

Brian Lynch is on scripting duties, with Pierre Coffin and Kyle Balda directing, leaving room for the two helmers to also ingest dangerous amounts of helium in order to voice the small Simpsons rejects.

Right now, the goal is to have the Minions film out a year after Despicable Me 2 arrives, which means that we can expect it in summer 2014. I dig the little henchmen, really I do, but in small doses, where their slapstick antics can have a maximum effect.

But 90 minutes of Oompah Loompahs with jaundice performing Jackass-esque routines? That might even bore the targeted demographics after a while.


Last Updated: July 24, 2012

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