The next 21 JUMP STREET movie will cross over with…MIB?

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The buddy cop genre is essentially deader than disco these days, a formula for successful films now put to rest. But from those ashes, emerged 22 Jump Street and a further sequel, 23 Jump Street. What directors Phil Lord and Chris Miller did, was make audiences love Channing Tatum again, while convincing us that Jonah Hill could kick all kids of ass. They’ve gone toe to toe with the baddest gangsters this side of a Hillbrow suburb. But for the sequel, they could be taking on the worst of the universe.


Because Sony is seriously considering merging the Men In Black franchise with the Jump Street cops, so much so in fact that they have Lord and Miller working on a script according to the Wall Street Journal. While it’s not too difficult to imagine Hill and Tatum returning, according to the report Sony isn’t courting Will Smith, Tommy Lee Jones or even Josh Brolin to appear in the potential crossover.

It sounds absolutely ludicrous, far fetched and insane. So you can imagine how desperate I am to see this film get made.

Last Updated: December 11, 2014

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