The Rhino will be back for THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 3

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It’s a risky job being a super villain. Sure, you get to laugh maniacally, boss around henchmen, have magnificent super powers and become rich in the process…but you’re only one ironic death away from not making it to the sequel.

That’s a problem that Spidey faces on a regular basis. But expect one human punching bag to stick around for more than one film.


Speaking to Collider, Rhino actor Paul Giamatti revealed that he’ll be back for the third film as criminal Aleksei Sytsevich in June 2016:

I think I’m only doing the next movie, I don’t think I’m in the next-next movie.

But don’t expect him to pop up in Spidey 4, which has a May 2018 release date in mind. In fact, Giamttai knows nothing about that film, or the Sinister Six plotline that has been hinted at so far:

They’ve not told me anything hard and fast about that.

Filiming is looking good so far, for the movie which reunites Andrew Garfield with co-star Emma Stone and director Marc Webb. It’s out next year, May 2 2014.

Last Updated: October 4, 2013

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