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The Robin Williams movie poster conspiracy

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Movie posters usually have a certain signature, whether it be the latest fad to have the hero looking down while a bomb of pretty sparks and dirt blankets them and their gun, or couples in bed with L-shaped blankets.

And then there are Robin Williams movies. And almost every single one of them, has the man pulling the exact same facial muscles. Here’s the proof, after the jump.Let’s start at the beginning with one of his earliest breakout roles, in Popeye. There’s a hint of a smile forming here, but due to the fact that spinach tastes like raw sewerage seasoned with hate, it’s having an effect on his muscles:

Next up, we fast forward a few years to the Survivors and Moscow on the Manhattan, where Williams has clearly mastered the art of friendly grinning:



Ok, fine, but how about a movie starring his voice and not his actual face then?


DAMMIT DISNEY! Fine then, how hard can he grin then when he’s in a serious film? How about Dead Poets Society? CARPE DIEM THAT!


I’m not winning here. Very well, how about a movie where Robin Williams doesn’t even show his actual face for most of it?


I’d have better luck trying to find a Mel Gibson film that doesn’t involve the Aussie actor being tortured. Here’s the rest of the gallery, but mind you, it only goes up to the early 2000s. Because even I can only handle so much of Robin Williams pulling an anti-Kristen Stewart for one afternoon.

Last Updated: December 7, 2012

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