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The Rock is a BADASS FOR HIRE once again

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The Rock hasn’t strayed too far from his WWE roots in recent years, slapping the taste out of various peoples mouths in numerous action flicks. He’s also mixed in some comedy and drama with those movie roles in the past, and it looks like he may once again be going down the funny road, as he has become attached to a new project:

Dan Mitner: Badass for hire.

The Wrap reports that the film, written by Chad Kultgen back in 2008 and snapped up by New Line Cinema, has been sitting in development hell. Phil “Lesbian Vampire Killers” Claydon was brought on at one point to helm the project, but that job went nowhere, resulting in his departure.

But, you ask, what is the film actually about then? Simple: Imagine every single badass in the world, combined into an engine of bullet-spewing and boots to nads war machine, set loose to show the world just how ludicrously tough he is.

New Line is looking to finally get Badass for Hire filming next year, around the same time that Dwayne Johnson will be filming Journey 3. Provided that he likes the script, he could squeeze this into his busy schedule, and drop a few elbows to bring Dan Mitner to life.

But in the interim, Johnson is currently filming his scenes for Fast Six and making sporadic WWE appearances, as he reminds people that their opinion does indeed not matter to him.

Last Updated: August 28, 2012

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  1. James Francis

    August 28, 2012 at 09:11

    Johnson has real potential, but with a few exceptions he always ends up doing almost straight-to-dvd stuff or joins an ensemble as with Fast Five. The guy has screen charisma – he was even fun in the so-so Journey 2. Maybe this will give him that push into becoming a proper action star.


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