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The teaser trailer for web series ENORMOUS has just stomped in

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The internet is an amazing place (it’s also a creepy place where grown men pretend to be teenage girls, but enough about Darryn). It has given fledgeling filmmakers exposure like never before through online various online “studios”. One of the bigger studios, Machinima, was very recently given a massive $18 million cash boost by none other than Warner Bros to produce new, polished online series such as the recent Mortal Kombat Legacy.

And one of the new series – which is totally 100% for real not trying to cash in on the big monster craze created by the upcoming Godzilla, totally – is Enormous, director BenDavid Grabinski’s adaptation of Tim Daniel and Mehdi Cheggour’s Image comic book of the same name, which is set in a post apocalyptic Earth where an environmental catastrophe has caused the emergence of giant monsters, leaving humans a step down on the food chain. The story, which Grabinski co-scripted with Troll Hunter‘s André Øvredal, follows a UN worker (Ceren Lee) who goes around trying to find and rescue stranded survivors with her team. All while, you know, trying to not get eaten or stomped on.

Here’s the the teaser trailer – very teaser – for the upcoming short film, which is being used as a pilot episode to hopefully launch a full web series later.

The world as we know it has ended. A group of survivors on a mission now find themselves face to face with unspeakable dangers, some human and some…much bigger.

Like I said, TEASER trailer. I’ve read a little of the comic though, and know that there’s some potential to create something cool here, while the online platform means it will be readily accessible to watch any time you want, something producer Adrian Askarieh (Agent 47, Deus Ex) understands is a big deal.

“We wanted to push the cinematic possibilities of the online medium. Essentially an entire generation has been growing up watching movies on their tablets and/or smart phones. There is no reason for conceding to any medium’s preconceptions when you embark to tell a good story. You can’t let yourself creatively say: ‘Oh yeah, I’m making a web series’. ­ You are making content that can be seen by hundreds of millions of people at the click of a few buttons. Make the best and most interesting content you can. The rest will figure itself out.”

Enormous also stars Erica Gimpel, Steve Brand, Garret Coffey, Billy Miller and Charles Melton, and the short film will debut on Machinima’s Youtube channel on March 20, 2014.

Last Updated: March 14, 2014

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