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The Watchmen mystery of DC Rebirth will be revealed in 2017

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Rebirth Watchmen (3)

Reborn at long last, and it feels so good. That’s the feeling behind DC Rebirth, as the Distinguished Competition realised that the world needs now are heroes, more than ever before. There’s been a revitilisation of their characters during the Rebirth, that brought these icons back down to Earth and re-established them as figures to look up to once again.

But amidst all that optimism, there’s a dark presence at work. Someone has been pulling strings, stealing years from the lives of characters such as Batman, Superman and the Flash. And that someone is none other than Doctor Manhattan, the only super-powered individual of the universe that the group of crimefighters called the Watchmen called him.

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Doctor Manhattan’s power is absolute, making him a massively blue-donged god with his ability to perceive all of time and manipulate reality on a grand scale. Something has clearly warped the viewpoint of the being who was once nothing more than a humble scientist, and it’s that very mystery that’ll be explored next year.

“Everyone at DC knows how interested readers are in the seeds planted in DC UNIVERSE: REBIRTH #1,”DC Co-publisher Dan DiDio said in an issue of Direct Currents magazine via CBR.

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Your patience will be rewarded in 2017.

You’ll start to see some of the great mysteries of REBIRTH addressed very soon. There’s the mystery of the Atom: what happened to Ray Palmer? Ryan Choi’s journey to find out what became of his mentor will appear front and center in JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA. There was also that mysterious little button found in the Batcave. Batman and Flash will be joining forces to forensically find out what it is and, more importantly, where it came from.

And Mr. Oz: what exactly is his deal? Is he gathering heroes? If so, why? Mr. Oz will be coming to the forefront in the first half of the year, as well.

Ever since DC Rebirth began, small and subtle clues as to the nature of this new universe have begun to step into the light. Batman found an iconic and bloodied Smiley-Face button in his cave, a strange hooded figure who may be Ozymandias began to stalk Superman and Doctor Manhattan himself appeared in the final pages of the Rebirth one-shot.

Looks like 2017 may be DC’s biggest year ever.

Last Updated: December 2, 2016

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