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The Wonder Years is getting a reboot

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Seeing the world through the eyes of kids during one of the most revolutionary times in US history proved to be quite a success story for the series The Wonder Years back in the late 1980s and made a household name out of its lead, then child star Fred Savage. It was a show that was representative of that era of TV and how it portrayed the world in an innocent and free-spirited manner that made it great family viewing back. Now we’ve all grown up and know better.

ABC wants to believe in those wonderful times once again and according to The Hollywood Reporter, the network is looking to reboot the series for a new audience. Lee Daniels, the director behind Precious and The Butler as well as the creator of popular TV series Empire, is behind this reboot which will now focus on a black middle-class family in Montgomery, Alabama in the late 1960s. Hopefully, this reboot will show how this period of history was a wonderful time for them too. Unfortunately, given the ongoing protests in the USA highlighting how little has changed for African-Americans in the past century, there are probably many that won’t agree with that sentiment. Hopefully, audiences will look to see where the show is going before judging.  

Besides for Daniels, Savage is also involved as producer on this reboot. The erstwhile actor who has since gone on to be quite a successful TV series director having directed many episodes for shows like Boy Meets World, Even Stevens, Party Down, Modern Family, Happy Endings, The Connors, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. He will also direct the pilot of this reboot off a script from Saladin K. Patterson (The Big Bang Theory, Dave, and Two and a Half Men).

It will honestly be interesting to see where this series goes from her. Will it try and portray a very innocent view of the world much like the original series or will it take note of the current political issues in the US and showcase some of the racial challenges experienced during that time and the impact of the human rights movement led by Martin Luther King had on the lives of so many black families?

Last Updated: July 9, 2020

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