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There actually IS a second end credits scene for The Avengers! And we have all the spoilery details inside!

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So there I was, still tingly from the geek-mental-coitus that was witnessing the mid-end-credits scene in The Avengers, but still doing my jittery best to stay glued to my seats. The reason for my fixed position? Well, see there was all that talk about all the principal cast being called back to shoot an additional scene, which many – like me – assumed would be an additional after-credits scene.

Except, when those final credits finally scrolled off the screen, all I was greeted by was an out-of-patience cleaner sporting a broom, a black rubbish bag and a scowling face like a silverback with dental problems. Cue much disappointment and confusion on my part. So what had happened to the extra scene? Did they even film one?

Turns out they did.

Some SuperHeroHype forum users have provided a description of the scene and are reporting that it will be added to the film print that will be be screening in North America once it finally opens this weekend.

“What about those of us who have already seen the movie?” I hear you cry in your strangely high pitched and quivering voice (I know it was you, Darryn). Well unfortunately, I have a feeling that we’re probably going to have to wait until the DVD\Blu Ray release before we get to see it officially. This may have been some kind of consolation prize for our red, white and blue friends, to make amends for that fact that they would have had to suffer through our endless gloating for a whole week, by the time they finally get their dose of Hulk smash. (How’s it feel now, suckers?)

Luckily for us though, GeekTyrant also managed to score a screenshot of the scene. And while it is actually doesn’t even really have any bearing on the narrative, I understand that some of you would prefer to wait for the real deal, so…










Remember how at the end of all that chaotic explosions and explosive chaos that was the battle of Manhattan, Tony Stark quips about how they should all just go get a bite to eat, and that he knows “a schwarma place nearby”? Well, the added footage is a dialogue-free, minute long, single shot (so not actually a scene, how very glib of you Kevin Feigee), showing all the Avengers, battle weary, just sitting around and eating schwarmas in a little Turkish restaurant. That’s it.

Now that may not be much, but it’s still pretty charming and very Whedonesque, and would probably have elicited a chuckle or two from the audience. But as cool as it sounds, I much prefer my own experience of walking out of the theatre going “Holy $%@#ing #$%@! It’s @%&#ing Thanos!” though.

Last Updated: May 3, 2012


  1. Im sure their shwarmas having Nothing on the ones we get from Anats. 


  2. alfaspa

    June 5, 2012 at 16:32

    the damn 3d made it so dark i thought it was a skrull, not thanos…


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