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There are hijackers and vampires on this ill-fated flight in the trailer for Blood Red Sky

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Flying might be a relatively safe way to travel, but thanks to the movies, the events of 9/11 and the ongoing extremes in which airport security treat you – there is always this background fear that the plan could get hijacked. A fear that would probably be the worst thing that could go wrong for many of us. Do you know what is even worse than on a hijacked plane? Being on a hijacked plan with a vampire on it.

That is the premise for this new English-German action horror from Netflix titled Blood Red Sky which follows the story of flight Transatlantic 473 after it is taken overnight by a group of terrorists, only for a woman suffering a mysterious illness (Peri Baumeister), to turn into a vampire and save the day. Or make things even worse – it’s not entirely clear. Look at the trailer below to figure out for yourself?

I certainly like the idea of this movie which looks like it will portray vampires from an entirely different angle, as the lady evolves into the feared monster. Though, I do feel that Netflix has missed a trick here and should’ve perhaps marketed this film as a typical hostage drama and have the whole vampire coming up in the film itself as a twist instead, ala From Dusk till Dawn. Though it is entirely possible that there is still so much more about the vampire angle of this movie that we don’t know given how little of it is shown and there could hopefully be several more twists in store for us.

Blood Red Sky is written and directed by Peter Thorwarth, based on a short film he made back in 2015 and also stars Dominic Purcell who is no stranger to vampire movies, having played Dracula himself in Blade: Trinity. Let’s hope this movie gives us some bloodsucking fun to look forward to when it releases on July 23rd.

Last Updated: June 10, 2021

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  1. konfab

    June 10, 2021 at 04:34

    And that people is why you take your Covid vaccine before you fly.


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