There aren't any words which can accurately describe this trailer for YAKUZA APOCALYPSE

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Oh Japan, you are a special kind of cinematic beast. Much like Bollywood has too much money for hundreds of films which happen to be exactly the same, the Japanese industry instead relies on a currency of pure crazy to help finance their flicks.

Yakuza Apocalypse

So what happens when you get a budget of too much madness, trademark Japanese overacting and vampires? You get Yakuza Apocalypse:

You might recognise the director of this flick if you’re into Asian cinema. It’s none other than Takashi Miike, who has been cranking out plenty of insane films over the years. The Raid actor Mayan Ruhian also pops up to lend the flick some martial arts action, and there’s some dude in a fuzzy mascot suit hopping all over the place kicking ass because…Japan?

There’s no US release or international release date for this flick yet, most likely due to there not being enough pills to combat the side effects of crazy. I MUST SEE THIS FILM!

Last Updated: April 23, 2015

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