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There can be only one. And Ryan Reynolds may just be it

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It’s been all quiet on the Highlander reboot front for a while now. At last word, about 9 months ago, Fast Five director Justin Lin shuffled from the director’s to the producer’s chair, with 28 Weeks Later helmsman, Juan Carlos Fresnadillo, musical-chairing his way into the now-vacant seat.

And now according to Variety, Fresnadillo may possibly have found his Connor Macleod in the all-too-familiar with swords, Ryan Reynolds.

According to the report Reynolds is currently “the front-runner” but that doesn’t mean for certain that he’ll be chopping off heads to some Freddie Mercury anytime soon. Despite kicking me right in the childhood with the horrible Green Lantern in 2011, Reynolds bounced back earleir this year with Safe House. It may not have been the most original movie, but it was an exciting thrill-ride and Reynolds certainly showed that he can carry a meatier role than the snarky jokester he normally gets cast as these days. But with this newfound action movie credibility comes more demands, and the actor is apparently “weighing other offers and that [he] could still pursue another project.”

Not much word yet on how closely Iron Man scribes, Matt Holloway and Art Marcum’s script will resemble the original 1986 film which saw Christopher Lambert as a member of a race of Immortals – who can only be killed by decapitation, in which case their life-force/strength is inherited by their executioner – who were involved in a timeless battle with each other, until there could be only one left standing alive. There was much swinging of swords, Sean Connery as a Spaniard with a Scottish accent, crayola lighting and the greatest Queen soundtrack ever. So, naturally: instant classic.

Now, I hate reboots. I really do. I feel they are nothing but a McDonald’s styled version of filmmaking: Quick, cheap and almost everybody’s already heard of it. Also, it often leaves a funny aftertaste in your mouth. But I will admit, that this is a franchise that could do with a bit of a spring cleaning. Besides for the original film and the TV series, everything else has pretty much been drivel. (Please let me not unleash my fanboy rage about Highlander 2: The Suckening.)

It’s also a concept – despite the series’ insistence to do so-  that actually does not lend itself to sequels. “Congratulations, you are the ONLY ONE!…. No, wait, there was another guy hiding on another planet/dimension thingy. Cut off his head, then you’ll be the only one. What’s that? You cut off his head already? Well, I hate to break it to you, but see there was this other guy that was buried in some super secret grave all this time. He’s the last one. Scout’s honour.”

So, if they are going to make more Highlander – which in theory is certainly a good thing – a reboot is really the only way to go. Christopher Lambert often had a mischievous look to him that Reynolds could emulate well, and he has some experience with swinging a blade, as evidenced in the opening to X-Men Origins: Wolverine. He might not have been my most obvious choice for this, but they could certainly do a hell of a lot worse.

Last Updated: May 21, 2012

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