There will be no EXORCIST remake

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The Exorcist is a cursed movie. Not only did it have a notoriously painful shoot, but a series of terrible sequels. Then there were the strange prequels, fogged in a controversy that saw one full version canned and a new – equally dull – version made from scratch.

You would think all that is enough to convince people that a remake is a bad idea. But apparently Morgan Creek Productions briefly thought it was a good idea… or maybe they didn’t.

It started with news that the studio was mulling remakes of some of its properties, including Ace Venture, Major League and The Exorcist. But the plan for the latter was quickly nixed by the original’s director, William Friedkin. He took to Twitter and said:

Dear HitFix…correction: I COMPLETELY denounce a remake of The Exorcist by Morgan Creek.

He added that to his knowledge Morgan Creek didn’t even have the rights to the first film. Now whether they did plan a remake or not, Friedkin’s message killed that idea. The studio responded:

Despite what was printed, we can assure you we would NEVER EVER attempt to remake The Exorcist.

That’s that – then… or is it? Unless Friedkin controls the rights for The Exorcist, can he really stop a remake? Of course he should – it’s a bad idea and could never match the power of the original. Still, if anyone decided to revisit Pazuzu’s reign of terror, at least Friedkin would not approve.

Last Updated: October 2, 2015

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