There's a familiar face in these images for SIN CITY: A DAME TO KILL FOR

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Very few comic book movies manage to retain a direct translation between printed page and the big screen, without needing some form of translation in order to appeal to a wider audience. Watchmen and Dredd 3D are a few examples of the source material still being in firm control. And Sin City is an example of the original content taking a Hollywood executive into a back alley and beating a message into the back of his head with a lead pipe, And so far, the sequel looks set to be just as direct.

Starring Josh Brolin in the main story arc of the film, Robert Rodriguez and creator Frank Miller are headed back to Basin City for a couple of bad nights. Here’s the new images, which have been high-resolutioned up from the debut trailer, via The Playlist:

Sin City (1)

Sin City (2)

Sin City (3)

Sin City (4)

Sin City (5)

Sin City (6)

Sin City (7)

Sin City (8)

Also starring Mickey Rourke, Jessica Alba, Bruce Willis, Rosario Dawson, Jaime King, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Dennis Haysbert, Jamie Chung, Powers Boothe, Christopher Lloyd, Christopher Meloni, Jeremy Piven, Ray Liotta, Juno Temple, Stacy Keach, and Julia Garner, Sin City: A Dame to Kill For has a bullet for the date of August 22.

Last Updated: April 1, 2014

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