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These new DOCTOR WHO clips and images take us into the Dalek!

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This weekend past saw the kickoff of 8th season of Doctor Who aka The Greatest Sci-Fi Show In the Wibbly Wobbly History of the Timey Wimey Universe, with the premiere, “Deep Breath”, giving us our first proper look at new Doctor Peter Capaldi and independently angry eyebrows. And it was great! (the episode and his eyebrows, I mean). But now that the introductions are out of the way, it’s time for the new Doctor to get right down to Time Lord business, and who better to provide him with that business – and also try to EXTEEEERRRRMINATE him – than his old nemeses the Daleks!

That’s what will happen in this week’s upcoming episode, titled “Into the Dalek”, and to get us all excited for this new face to meet those old plungers on pepper pots faces, the BBC have revealed a trailer and a couple new clips.

Along with those clips, a bunch of new pics have also revealed that include some character posters for Gun Girl and the stars of the episode.

Into The Daleks will air this Saturday on BBC… but not on the BBC we get locally for some silly reason (But hey, we still get Strictly Come Dancing!)

Last Updated: August 29, 2014

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