They're making a female Expendables called the EXPENDABELLES. Yes, another one

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The next time something bad happens to the Hollywood sign, instead of repairing it, they should just replace it with a massive billboard of cow udder. “Hollywood: Leave no idea unmilked.”

Remember that female Expendables movie that’s already in development? Well, looks like it’s about to get some competition, in the form of The ExpendaBelles.

Wait, isn’t that what I said they should call it? Where’s my cheque, Hollywood?

The former lady Expendables movie – which is yet to get a title – may have the advantage of already having two stars attached to it, in the forms of Gina Carano and Katee Sackhoff, but according to Deadline this one will be an official spinoff to the Sylvester Stallone driven musclebound manly smash hit, so you can probably expect Sly and the boys to do some cameos.

Millenium Films have pegged Legally Blonde screenwriters McCullah Lutz and Kirsten Smith to provide the script, because clearly writing a rom-com where Reese Witherspoon’s ditzy blonde transforms into a lawyer is the same as making an explosion filled action movie about lady asskickers.

I’m still not too convinced about the viability of either of these movies though, as the whole draw of the original movie was these collections of 80’s icons in one film. And I hate to break it to the ladies, but they just don’t have the same level of old school starpower. Sigourney Weaver and Linda Hamilton would probably be the closest to their testosterone laced counterparts, but neither of them are exactly up for too much “skop, skiet en donner” nowadays.

Last Updated: October 15, 2012

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