They're rebooting The Saint… Again

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Variety is reporting that RKO Pictures has hired writer Travis Wright (Eagle Eye) to create a script for what they hope to be the first in a new trilogy of films based on the classic character, The Saint.

The stories of The Saint have been around since the 1920’s, when he first showed up in Leslie Charteris’ books. They told the story of Simon Templar, a self-styled man of mystery/modern day Robin Hood, who would execute daring capers against the criminal underbelly, all the while making use of clever disguises. The books were originally adapted into 9 feature films in the 1930’s and 1940’s (the first 3 of which will be the inspiration of the new trilogy) before being turned into into a couple of different TV series between the 1960’s and 1980’s. The most famous iteration of the character was the Roger Moore 60’s version, a TV show that I still maintain had some of the best death “animations” ever seen on film. Every single time somebody got shot and slapped a hand to the chest before Fosbury Flopping to their death, I would have to fight the urge to hold up a white scorecard.

Then in 1997, Philip Noyce (Salt, Patriot Games) directed a modern day film adaptation, which unfortunately was lacking gymnastic death throes, but did feature a chameleon-likeVal Kilmer in the title role. The movie got okayish reviews, but did really well at the box office and  introduced a whole new generation to the character.

And now, they want to do it all over again.

As much as I’ve loved The Saint in the past, I think this poor equine zombie has received enough physical punishment. C’mon, Hollywood! There are plenty of filmmakers out there with original stories to tell. For example, did I tell you about my Fat Dude on a Toilet script…?

Last Updated: January 26, 2012

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