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They’re unhinging the gates of hell in this new trailer for season 2 of MARCO POLO

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I haven’t really paid attention to Marco Polo as a TV series since the first season came out last year on Netflix. That’s partly because I don’t watch much TV, but also because it didn’t seem to offer anything new to me. Don’t get me wrong, I love the whole Mongolian dynasty thing and typically enjoy most samurai movies – but this seemed to just be more of the same. However, that opinion was formed purely by brief trailers I had seen. Obviously the series was a big enough success for Netflix to warrant a second season and this new trailer certainly seems to up the ante for the show.

The premise hasn’t changed too much, considering the series is based off the historical figure of Marco Polo and his interaction with the Mongol and Khagan empires back in the 1300s. However, the political intrigue and great kung-fu action are what stand out for me here and Netflix are certainly putting budget behind the show as its production looks top-notch based on this trailer. So colour me ignorant if this has been a great series all along and I’ve missed out on it.

Marco Polo season 2 will be available for streaming from July 1st. And to go along with the new trailer, they have released a new poster for the series, which looks quite epic and nails the feel of the trailer quite well.


Last Updated: June 10, 2016

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