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This artist won't be silent in the first teaser trailer for MOBIUS

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Happy Trailer Thursday, everybody! Oh you didn’t get the memo that it’s Trailer Thursday? Well neither did we, but it’s apparently happening anyway, so expect to see more trailers on this site today than at Britney Spears’ family reunion. Only not as trashy.

And first up is the rather tense looking spy thriller, Möbius, starring The Artist‘s Jean Dujardin; a man who won an Oscar for keeping quiet, and then couldn’t keep quiet about it.

Moïse (Jean Dujardin), the leader of an elite FSB (ex-KGB) unit, is in London on the trail of a powerful oligarch (Tim Roth) suspected of money laundering. His team bullies Alice (Émilie Dequenne), a smart young trader operating way over her limit, into working for Moïse.

Alice soon realizes the potential for profit in playing both sides so everybody wins, but Moïse becomes convinced she will blow her cover and put her life in danger. He decides to do what no spymaster should ever do – make direct contact with his agent. An innocent first meeting soon develops into a passionate affair that will change their lives forever, just not in the way they expected.

Ever since first seeing him onscreen earlier in the year, I’ve always thought that Jean Dujardin had the potential to play pretty grim and gritty characters and this seems to be just that. In fact, based on that synopsis and the glimpses we get here, it looks like his KGB spy, Moirse, could be a right bastard.

The trailer itself is a study in tension, which I certainly hope translates to the final film. At least there seems to be one decent elevator based fight scene which could be a throwback to that other well known spy, James Bond, in Diamonds Are Forever, though I have a feeling that we won’t be seeing any super camp assassin duo’s with pedophile haircuts in this one.

The film opens in France on 27 February 2013 (just a day away from being exactly a year since Dujardin won his Oscar for The Artist) but unfortunately, there’s no international release date set yet.

Last Updated: November 22, 2012

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