Home Entertainment This first trailer for series 9 of DOCTOR WHO is here to save people!

This first trailer for series 9 of DOCTOR WHO is here to save people!

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Picture shows: PETER CAPALDI as The Doctor, MICHELLE GOMEZ as Missy, Cybermen

Not enough wibbly-wobbly timey wimey in your life? You should see a doctor about. Or more precisely, you should see The Doctor about that problem. But hey, as a dangerously unqualified doctor of thuganomics, I got the cure for what ails ya, right here!

I’m a massive fan of Peter Capaldi. And his Doctor was an absolute treat last year. None of the manic pixie dream pal that defined Matt Smith’s incarnation, this was a Doctor who was driven, focused and ready to fight any monsters who lurked around on his favourite planet.

Michelle Gomez’s latest incarnation of the Master however, was my particular highlight, which is why I’m beyond happy that Missy returns in series 9. How? I dunno. She got better, I suppose. But don’t expect Missy to be the spark for a new romantic sub-plot in Doctor Who, as the two Time Lords will still remain friends. Sort of, as Gomez explained at Comic Con that “she has to come at it from a different angle, which is kind of surprising and exciting to play. There’s kind of a different dynamic to play.”

We can only imagine [what Missy was up to]—probably taking tea with the queen.

Series 9 arrives on September 19. Allons-y!

Last Updated: July 10, 2015

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