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This is how bad JURASSIC PARK 4 could have been

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We sure do love  dinosaurs around here. Their addition to a movie instantly makes it more awesome. Hell, if Ghost Rider had battled a dinosaur instead of that lame devil… no, on second thought, nothing could make Ghost Rider suck any more. Well, maybe if the dinosaurs were some kind of weird human-dino hybrid. Yeah, that would definitely make it suck even more.

Coincidentally, that’s almost exactly what we got for Jurassic Park 4. The human-dino hybrids, I mean, not Ghost Rider.

Producer Kathleen Kennedy recently revealed that they were hard at work on script for the fourquel, but there actually had been a script in place  many years back already, and it had actually reached quite an advanced state of development. Which is a complete mystery to me, seeing as how it was completely bonkers.

The script by John Sayles featured a bunch of super smart, gun toting, human-dinosaur hybrid mercenaries. No, you didn’t read that wrong. Somehow, nobody at the studio thought that was a horrible idea until after artist Carlos Huante had been commissioned to do some concept art. Then in 2004 AICN then got a hold of the script and made their dismemberment of it public, which finally prompted Universal to pull the plug.

Up until now though, we’ve never seen what these ridiculous dino mercs looked like, but thanks to BadAssDigest, we finally get our first look at said concept art.

While you can’t take anything away from Huante’s art, the fact that the development got to this stage is amazing. While Sayle’s idea might have worked for some other CG action adventure (that Triceratops is super cool, and I would happily watch a movie that had him chomping down on a cigar while racking up the body count with his oversized firearm of choice), it sure as hell wasn’t Jurassic Park.

Let’s hope the new film stays far away from the ridiculous and goes back to the same combination of wonder and edge of your seat nail-biting, that made the first films such a success.

Last Updated: October 10, 2012

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