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Midweek Mouth-Off: What was missing from Comic-Con 2014?

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Comic Con 2014 hit some pretty high notes, with the Wonder Woman reveal, Ant-Man details, Avengers: Age of Ultron footage, Mad Max: Fury Road and much more. What stood out for me though, was what wasn’t discussed. Much like the lack of The Last Guardian at every E3 since 2009, there were a few announcements that we were all expecting that just didn’t happen.

On Marvel’s side, there was nothing about the casting of Doctor Strange, and any major news other than Batman V Superman was conspicuously absent from Warner Bros, besides for a poster for Jurassic World. There was no word from Paramount about the new Terminator reboot, and not a peep about the new Fantastic Four from 20th Century Fox either.

Considering the glut of information that comes out of Comic-Con every year, we want to know: are you happy that some big news items are still under wraps, or are you disappointed that we didn’t get more from this year’s SDCC?

Last Updated: July 30, 2014

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