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This Means War trailer – a Rom-Com for guys

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I’m not a fan of Romantic Comedies – well, except dry-witted English ones starring a doped up Bill Nighy – yet, just like other married man, it’s inevitable that I will get dragged to see a couple of them a year. So I sit there and gnash my teeth as the film inevitably devolves into nothing but cliche’d lines and plot points so predictable that even Hellen Keller could see them coming a mile away.

But what happens when you combine those (very) few positive romcom elements with what is essentially a real life version of classic Mad Magazine comic, Spy vs Spy, and then to top it off, cast two of the best young up and coming actors in Hollywood today?

Well, then you get this:

Now, am I wrong or does that not look like it could be a really fun movie that could be enjoyed by either spouse? Yes, it is directed by the questionable McG, but lets face it, Tom Hardy is arguably the best young talent in Hollywood right now. He can pretty much act in an infomercial about orthapedic slippers and I would watch it.

Also, +50 points to the trailer for using Wolfmother’s kickass Woman.

This Means War is scheduled for release in the USA on 17 February 2012. No South African release date has been set yet.

Last Updated: January 17, 2012

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