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This new trailer for GUNMAN will give you a feeling

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At first I was completely dismissive over The Gunman thinking it to be a different version of Taken only this time with Sean Penn instead of Liam Neeson. It’s even directed by Pierre Morel who directed the first Taken (and the only good one if you ask me). I mean, what’s the present continuous for taken anyway? Takes? Taking? Well my mind is slowly changing. Firstly it has Javier Bardem (Skyfall) and Idris Alba (A Long Walk to Freedom) not to mention Oscar Award Winner Sean Penn (looking rather haggard, definitely going for the Al Pacino look) so the cast is strong. It also has guns and if this trailer is anything to go by lots of people with bags over their heads. And I like nothing better than having people with bags over their heads over for dinner. Um, yeah well let’s have a watch of the trailer and see whether this stands a chance of being a great stand-alone action movie or just another “ageing actor turns action hero” before the curtain falls mess.

Looks fun. Also, this trailer has so many BVVVV BVVVV moments my ears are ringing now.

The Gunman also stars  Mark Rylance (Wolf Hall), Ray Winstone (Noah) and Jasmine Trinca (Honey). It’s set to premier on 20 March which is 9 days after my birthday and sadly Penn is doing more with his age than I am.

Last Updated: February 24, 2015

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  1. Weirdest dinner party I ever attended for sure.


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