This new trailer for LEGEND is going to nail your head to the floor

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Britain may be the land of royalty, horrible food and Monty Python, but it’s also the curb-stomping ground of some of the most notorious criminals in history. And when it came to underworld figures that you absolutely did not want to tick off back in the 1960s, the Kray Twins were at the top of that bloody list.

The notorious gangsters are getting the movie treatment in an upcoming adaptation that charts their rise to power as a pair of ruthless fellas intent on controlling the London crime racket. And it looks like Tom Hardy is once again giving a performance for the ages. As both brothers! Check out the new UK domestic trailer below:

From Academy Award winner Brian Helgeland (L.A. Confidential, Mystic River) comes the true story of the rise and fall of London’s most notorious gangsters, Reggie and Ron Kray, both portrayed by Tom Hardy in an amazing double performance. Legend is a classic crime thriller taking us into the secret history of the 1960s and the extraordinary events that secured the infamy of the Kray twins.

Legend also stars Emily Browning, David Thewlis, Christopher Eccleston, Chazz Palminteri, Tara Fitzgerald and Taron Egerton. It’s out in October.

Last Updated: June 26, 2015

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