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This new trailer for THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR aims to keep America great

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The Purge is one of those movie series that offers a really clever premise and perhaps gives you a good indication of the reality of the human heart. Essentially, the series follows the premise that once a year, all crime is declared legal for 12 hours and the human race gets the opportunity to cleanse themselves by pursuing a survival of the fittest mentality. The early films have been able to balance the clever ideas well and still maintain a high level of action. The films have also been able to make a lot of money off a limited budget – which at the end of the day, is every film studio’s dreams

The 3rd iteration in this series is titled The Purge: Election Year and aptly takes place in a US election year where the topic is on everyone’s minds. This film will follow Elizabeth Mitchell’s character, Charlie Roan, who is a senator running on a pledge to end the purge, but gets betrayed by enemies within the government — leaving it up to the heroic Leo (Frank Grillo) and other new allies to help keep her alive.

The Purge became a surprise when it released in 2013 starring Ethan Hawke and Lena Headey and made $89 million off a $3 million budget. The sequel The Purge: Anarchy,” took in $108 million worldwide and based on this trailer, I expect this 3rd one to compete with those figures, as it looks like it’s going to be even better. It’s tough to repeat a concept without it becoming too boring, but with this series they have so far made each film intriguing enough to keep going. Hopefully this one maintains that sequence.

The film opens in the US on July 1st – just in time for their most patriotic holiday and what better time to commence the purge than then? So are you going to perform your civic duty and purge this year?

Last Updated: May 23, 2016

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