Home Entertainment This new trailer for the SCREAM series lets the blood bath commence

This new trailer for the SCREAM series lets the blood bath commence

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Ah, Scream. I thoroughly enjoyed the original Wes Craven directed movies. They were fun, I enjoyed watching jocks and cheerleaders get axed (I should probably check myself in somewhere for that) and it was also a brilliantly self-aware take on the horror genre. But I am a little worried about what more a TV series adaptation of the movies can offer.

From the trailer, which premiered at the 2015 MTV Awards, it looks like the show drops its obvious prior post-modern feel for a generic horror with lots of blood and teenagers, which I am sure many are going to love. Think Beverly Hills 90210 with more red syrup. Much like the movies the little town of Lakewood has its secrets which start to manifest after a youtube video goes viral. People then start dropping faster than a C-squad cheerleadering team and you have your show.

The new series stars Bex Taylor-Klaus (Arrow), Willa Fitzgerald (Gotham), John Karna (Blindstiffs) and Amadeus Serafini (Smoke), so a pretty much unknown cast but all young and obviously perfect looking. The first episode is supposed to replicate the famous opening scene in the first movie so at least some homage is being paid. Have a look at the first trailer and some extra promo stuff.

Jamie Travis (For a Good Time, Call…) directs the first episode which lands 30 June. Are you excited about this?

Last Updated: April 13, 2015

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  1. I don’t know. I WANT to be excited about it, but I also would like to see how they keep the story going. Will they have a new killer every season? Will the killer murder 900 people over the course of three seasons to keep it going, basically rendering the town they are in empty?


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