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This trailer for Alex Winter's DOWNLOADED is most excellent dude

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Does the name Alex Winter ring a bell in your head? Well it should, because he like went on a most tubular journey with Keanu Reeves as one half of the Bill and Ted duo. Since then, Reeves has seen his profile rise in Hollywood, but what about Winter?

Well believe it or not, because Winter ahs been far more prolific as a TV and film director in the years since then. But Alex Winter esq is hitting the big screen again, with the new trend in film doccies, about movies based on the internet. And he’s targeting Napster for his next feature.

The rise and fall of Napster and the birth of peer-to-peer file-sharing technology created by Shawn Fanning when he was a college student, changed music to movies, and made possible everything from Julian Assange, WikiLeaks to the iPod and Facebook. It became an expression of youth revolt, and contributed to a complete shift in how information, media and governments work. And it is a fascinating human story, where this 18-year-old kid invents a peer-to-peer file-sharing system, and brings it to the world six months later.

There’s no official word yet of when the doccie will be broadcast, but Winter says that he’ll update his site as soon as he finds out. Personally, I’d love to see this flick. Napster had a massive impact on the world around it, for good or for bad, and it’d be great to see an unfiltered look at how it came to be, rise and fall.

Last Updated: December 10, 2012

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