Home Entertainment This trailer for BOYKA: UNDISPUTED will [email protected]$king kill you!

This trailer for BOYKA: UNDISPUTED will [email protected]$king kill you!

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Alcohol, drugs, smoking. I guess everybody needs some way to ruin their body and mind, and since I don’t really do the previously mentioned vices (well, at least not the last two), I get my brain cells killed a different way. In this case, it’s bad American martial arts action movies. And “bad” is a relative term here, as there’s been a movement happening over in the DTV or Direct-To-DVD market where directors who most of the public have never even heard of are staging some of the best action sequences in Hollywood – but surrounding those sequences with some paltry scripting and acting.

And one of the gems of this sub-genre has been the Undisputed franchise, which began life as a pretty meh Walter Hill directed 2002 Wesley Snipes action-drama about an ex-champion boxer who gets convicted of rape and gets caught up in a prison fight club. But when B-movie legend Isaac Florentine took over the directing duties on the two sequels, which starred none of the original cast, he rebooted it into an action movie junkie wet dream, garnering tons of new fans for respective new hero and villain Michael Jai White and Scott Adkins.

Between Undisputed II and III though Adkins’ Yuri Boyka went from being the bad-ass Russian baddie of the series to a sort of anti-hero, and now he’s back but in full on hero mode in the fourth film of the series, Boyka: Undisputed (and people say there’s no character development in these things!). And today we have the first ass-kicking, bone-breaking trailer which is very light on decent acting, competent editing or engaging writing, but damn the action gets crazy, folks!

Check it out below.

I can feel myself getting dumber and I couldn’t be happier! And oh man, oh man, they’ve even thrown in a cheesy Russian De Niro just for the hell of it!

The only downside is that Isaac Florentine is not back in the director’s seat this time around, handing over the baton to somebody named Todor Chapkanov, who has really not done anything of note, but he sure as hell seems to know how to direct people kicking each other in the faces!

I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for when this inevitably pops up on Netflix and the like.


Last Updated: February 3, 2016

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