This trailer for CAMP X-RAY is a war zone

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NEWSFLASH! Kristen Stewart can actually act! While most of the dramatic/emotional range Stewart displayed in the Twilight movies consisted of mild abdominal cramps and mouth breathing, she has at turns actually shown a spark of acting talent when she isn’t just faced with choosing between bestiality and necrophilia. And the evidence proving the existence of this “actress Kristen Stewart person” is apparently never more clear than in Camp X-Ray, according to the buzz on the film festival circuit where the film made the rounds earlier in the year.

While overall reviews of the military drama were mixed, with many claiming first time writer/director Peter Sattler to have bungled his contributions with a clumsy and hamfisted execution, the praise of Stewart and co-star Payman Maadi were pretty much universal. In fact, many reviews claimed the performance from the former Twilight star to be the film’s highlight, which this first full trailer for the film definitely appears to support. Just don’t expect her to start smiling yet without looking gassy. Baby steps, people. Baby steps.

A young woman joins the military to be part of something bigger than herself and her small town roots. But she ends up as a new guard at Guantanamo Bay instead, where her mission is far from black and white. Surrounded by hostile jihadists and aggressive squadmates, she strikes up an unusual friendship with one of the detainees. A story of two people, on opposite sides of a war, struggling to find their way through the ethical quagmire of Guantanamo Bay. And in the process, they form an unlikely bond that changes them both.

Camp X-Ray also stars John Carroll Lynch, Lane Garrison, and Joseph Julian Soria. It is scheduled for limited release on October 17, 2014.

Last Updated: August 11, 2014

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