This trailer for DON PEYOTE is going to save the world

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Not everyone has like, the ability to be enlightened…man. You got to have some serious mental issues before you can trip the light fantastic and reach Nirvana, and I don’t mean going to the rock section of a local Musica. And in Don Peyote, one man is going to go full crazy on a quest to save the planet.

Warren Allman, is your typical innocent oblivious everyman, who is sent on the existential path of enlightenment. He deals with everything from over population to our economic decline to our defunct spirituality.

Warren is transformed into the shaman/prophet Don Peyote and sheds light on alternative lifestyles that work but have been buried by the decision makers to the detriment of our civilization. The movie takes a hard look at the current plight of humanity and begs of us all to take a second look at our own contribution. it makes us question which is better: maintaining the status quo or maintaining harmony with humankind, nature, the earth, and the stars.

After being in perhaps way too many movies, Dan “Fanboys” Fogler has been keeping a low profile of sorts, emerging in the odd indie film here and there.  His latest flick isn’t straying too far away from that scene, but his involvement in it as a co-writer and co-director with Michael Canzoniero means that this trippy comedy has a lot more emotional investment in it from Fogler. Probably. It’s got a ton of cameos in it, from Jay Baruchel through to Anne Hathaway, and it looks kinda funky.

Don Peyote will be hitting a limited release in North America in May, so expect a DVD release this side.

Last Updated: January 10, 2014

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