You all taste the same in this trailer for INTO THE GRIZZLY MAZE

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Oh I do love me a good old fashioned wild animal gone mental flick and Into the Grizzly Maze promises to deliver. It also has one of my favourite actors in, that being Oscar Winner Billy Bob Thorton. I think the last time I watched a movie that was similar was The Grey with Liam Neeson, another movie where mother nature decides that the incumbent humans deserve to get mauled, ripped to shreds and generally separated from important bits of their body. So basically the story for Into the Grizzly Maze.

After a big monster of a bear decides to start snacking on humans a team of meat specialists head in to fix the problem with ol Thorton acting as their expert guide. It would seem that the big bear is also scaring off the normal bear population so I think the humans stand about as much chance as all coming out alive as the movie does of winning an Academy Award. Here’s the premise:

In the action thriller ‘Into the Grizzly Maze’, a deputy whose mission is protecting the threatened grizzly bear suddenly finds himself conflicted when a massive rogue grizzly wreaks havoc on a local Alaskan community. Enlisting the help of his estranged brother, he enters the labyrinthian Grizzly Maze to track down his wife, who’s gone missing, before the bear does. As the body count mounts and an infamous bear hunter enters the fray determined to take down the bear he’s been waiting for his whole life, no one is safe in the harsh Alaskan wilds.

It actually looks like a blast, though no one that I would pay cinema prices to see. Which is just as well as it’s available on VOD on 19 May. Into the Grizzly Maze stars James Marsden, Thomas Jane, Billy Bob Thornton, Piper Perabo, Scott Glenn, Adam Beach, Michaela McManus and Kelly Curran.

Last Updated: May 13, 2015

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