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This trailer for OUT OF THE DARK will make you nervous

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If, like me, you enjoy horror movies then this new flick from the producers of The Crazies may be just what you are looking for. That being said I am so tired of horror movies deteriorating into absolute nonsense halfway through that I have a natural resistance to getting excited for this genre. The trailer for Out of the Dark starts off promising but then there seems to be way tio much ‘this is the bad thing, it is dead, now fight it’ that I can’t imagine it finishing off well. Call my cynical.

Directed by Lluis Quilez (he’s done a few shorts, like Avatar, no, not the blue one) and starring Julia Stiles (10 Things I hate About You) and Scott Speedman (Underworld) it does have more demon kids than you can shake a toy at, which always freaks me out. Have a watch of this and then go change your pants…

Looks pretty scary, hey? I fear however, that some of those shots are the actual ending. Why do they do that?!

Out of the Dark is set for a 27 February release. Not dates for a local release yet.

Last Updated: February 25, 2015

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