This trailer for PLANES: FIRE AND RESCUE flies in when others fly out

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Out of all the Pixar movies, Cars was easily my least favourite. It just didn’t appeal to me at all. Know what it did do though? Sell a lot of lunchboxes and backpacks, that’s what. And with Pixar’s purse string holders, Disney, never ones to say no to a merchandising opportunity, we soon got not only a Cars sequel, but also a Pixar-less spinoff, Planes. Guess the lunchbox market is booming, because less than a year since Planes‘ release, it’s getting a sequel of its own in Planes: Fire and Rescue, and you can now check out the first trailer.

Despite the voice talent of (incomprehensibly) popular comedian Dane Cook leading the pack as Dusty Crophopper, Planes was a rather dull effort that that should have gone straight to DVD as it was probably best served as a means of quieting down your young kids as they made mental notes of all the toys they would demanding at Christmas time. And unfortunately, despite the admittedly decent looking animation and the unexpected Hooters analog, Honkers, this one looks like it will be following suit. I’m predicting that not even the addition of usually hilarious Julie Bowen (Modern Family) to the voice cast can drag this out of meh-ville.

Planes: Fire and Rescue will be flying into cinemas and parents’ shopping lists on July 18, 2014.

Last Updated: October 31, 2013

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