This trailer for season three of VIKINGS will have you reaching for your shields

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One show that has reminded people why they dislike fear gingers is History’s Vikings, a gritty ‘fantasy history’ show that follows the life of Ragnar Lothbrok, played with some serious intensity by ex-Calvin Klein model Travis Fimmel. Coming at a time when Game of Thrones, a far more gratuitous beast, was doing so well, many thought the less explicit Vikings would fail. But by Odin’s beard, there were wrong!

At the recent Comic-Con, a trailer for the show’s upcomign third season was shown and boasts more battles than you can shake an axe at. This time it looks like the Norse drama will be heading to Paris after devastating much of England, because, well, croissants.

It looks like much of the same cast will be returning to the Michael Hirst created series. Have a watch of the trailer, voiced over by the rather damn frightening seer (John Kavanagh), and tell us what you think.

No date has been given but expect it to arrive on your shores in 2015 and be sure to hide your wives and daughters.

Last Updated: July 30, 2014

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