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This trailer for The Crime of the Century shines a light on the US opioid epidemic

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They say that not all heroes wear capes. Well, not all criminals wear prison uniforms and not all drug dealers live in shady suburbs and sport gang tattoos. The world’s biggest criminals and drug dealers can often be found in a smart business suit, as what they manage to get away with every day is conveniently legal and even more lethal than the hazardous materials sold by drug dealers.  

Sadly, I’m not making this up, as this is what has been going on in the US for many years with the well-known Opioid epidemic which saw dangerous drug being prescribed to patients around the US despite their addictive nature, all in the name of the almighty dollar. It’s a crisis that has started to gain more attention over the years and has become a subject of many films, including the upcoming Russo Brothers film Cherry.

HBO is releasing a two-part documentary shining a light on this dark side of the medical world with part one looking at the opioid crisis in the US. HBO has released the trailer for this first part and it’s evident that it’s not holding back any punches in showing just how corrupt the industry has become:

This looks like it will be both riveting viewing and something which will leave you deeply angry and frustrated at how things could even be allowed to get this bad, while the medical companies and people involved get off completely scot-free.

The Crime of the Century is produced and directed by Alex Gibney, who has previously won an Oscar for his Scientology exposé Going Clear. This documentary looks like it’s likely to be even more provocative and show a dark side of the world that we all wished never existed.

Last Updated: April 13, 2021

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