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This trailer for THE FORGER will leave you planning something

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Ah, John Travolta. What an actor. He’s been on the scene for so long it’s difficult to remember him as Danny in Grease and since then he’s been nearly as sporadic as the Crazy Nicholas Cage. Well he looks to be on form in this trailer for The Forge – no, not the 2012 movie of the exact same name starring Josh Hutcherson. The 2015 movie! Catch up!

In the 2014/5 iteration of the movie Travolta portrays Raymond Cutter, a forger released from prison early to pull off a nearly impossible heist. Yeah, sounds original. It does star veteran actor Christopher Plummer though so that is enough reason for me to give it a shot. I looks like one of those movies where the father gets to know the son in a new light and then they work well together, similar to The Judge and Oceans 99, or are they up to 100 now? Anyway, here’s the trailer!


The Forger, directed by Philip Matin, came out last year but has yet to be release in South Africa, we’ll let you know when.

Last Updated: March 6, 2015

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