This trailer for The Ring vs The Grudge is horrific

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Both Lame

When I was young I had an obsession with the Japanese culture, probably spurred on by my then obsession with JRPGs and karate. I also enjoyed their horror movies. Of course Hollywood being Hollywood had to adapt these  frights to an American audience, and with The Ring and The Grudge they didn’t do such a bad job (we don’t speak about the sequels). But this is taking it a bit damn far. What started out as an April fools joke last year has turned into an actual movie. Yes, The Ring vs The Grudge (or Sadako vs. Kayako) is an actual thing, people were paid to make it. And after watching the trailer I want to burn my eyes out. I am not sure why I used to think that a pale child begging like a dog was so scary, it actually just looks dumb.

I’m a good puppy, can I have a treat?

Well we are getting a showdown between two entities with serious Johnny Depp issues whether we want it or not. I mean all this does is remind mf of Trevor begging for a crayon. Have a watch below and see what you think:

Yeah. It is in Japanese but I consider that a blessing when looking at the content. I mean who even has a VHS player these days? There have been countless movies in Japan based on both the stories above so I am sure there will be plenty people who go out and watch it. It’s set to release in Japan on 18 June and will then probably head overseas.

Last Updated: February 29, 2016

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