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This TWO NIGHT STAND trailer will have you cooling off in the snow

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That's some good-looking furniture

Two Night Stand is an upcoming romantic comedy and not, as I initially thought, a movie about bedroom furniture – close enough though. Well, general vicinity at least.

Analeigh Tipton (Warm Bodies) stars as Megan who, after breaking up with her fiancé, is encouraged by her friends to get her stagnating love life back on track by having a random one night stand via online dating; which is how she meets Alec (Miles Teller – That Awkward Moment).  You crazy kids.

The complications begin when Megan attempts to leave the next morning after a less than stellar evening and finds herself trapped in Miles’ apartment due to a heavy snowstorm, forcing them to keep each other company until the exits are cleared. As an attempt to pass the time they decide to be brutally honest with each other about the previous nights encounter as only two strangers who are unlikely to see each other ever again can be…


Judging by the trailer Tipton & Teller seem to play well off each other and have an easy-going chemistry. it looks to be a fun rom-com with an interesting premise, engaging leads, decent humour, and no real heavy lifting. Who wants to bet there’s a happy ending? No, I didn’t mean that kind, damn it.

Two Night Stand, by it’s-my-first-time director Max Nichols and writer Mark Hammer, releases in the US on 26 September, no confirmation on a local date as yet.

Last Updated: August 13, 2014

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