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Zac Efron to star in a Three Men and a Baby remake for Disney

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Back in the 80s when things were far simpler, and it was believed that a bunch of bachelors had no chance of raising a baby on their own together, came the hit movie Three Men and a Baby. The film brought three of the biggest actors of the time, Tom Selleck, Steve Guttenberg, and Ted Danson, together on the big screen for what proved to be plenty of laughs and heartfelt comedy. The popular film also saw a sequel, as the main cast returned to help raise a now older daughter in Three Men and a Little Lady.

It was a great comedy at the time, but one that I can’t say has aged particularly well since. Disney still believes that the concept can be reworked for modern audiences once more though, as The Hollywood Reporter has revealed that a remake is in the works for Disney+ with Zac Efron set to star. At present, no director is attached to the project and Efron is the sole confirmed cast member. However, there is reportedly a finished script to work with.

With the original actors far older and mostly out of the limelight from today’s audiences, it makes sense that Disney has decided to remake this film rather than do another sequel and show us how the strange family turned out in the end. To make this idea work though, they’ll need to find two more male leads with great on-screen chemistry, so it’ll be interesting to see who they cast alongside Efron for the other roles.

Last Updated: August 11, 2020

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