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Director Timur Bekmembatov talks "shocking" WANTED sequel

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I rather enjoyed Wanted, despite the fact that it was possibly one of the worst big screen adaptations I’ve come across (The screenwriters famously only read the first 2 issues of Mark Millar’s controversial 6 issue comic series, before churning out a script), and most of that was due to Timur Bekmembatov’s bombastic direction.

The climax of that 2008 film left most of it’s principle cast with a rather lethal dosage of lead poisoning though, including it’s biggest name star in Angelina Jolie, which has made finding an approach for an inevitable sequel (it grossed $374 million globally) a bit daunting.

But Bekmembatov says that everything is back on track, and that it’s going to be “shocking”.

“An unbelievable thing happened three weeks ago. Because we stopped, we didn’t know what to do for three or four years. Three weeks ago I came up with a great idea and I pitched this idea and everybody fell in love with it. And now I think we’re on track. Right now the writer is working on the script, and it will be shocking.”

I’m hoping that this alludes to the writers actually willing to take on some of the original comics’ more controversial elements, instead of shying away from it again. And while I understand that some of it may be a bit too out there for mainstream Middle America (the main protagonist, Wesley Gibson, is actually a supervillain who rapes, steals and kills without abandon; one villain is literally a walking pile of feces; while another has a sentient 13 inch penis who is a criminal mastermind), there are a lot of really cool ideas that got dropped to play it safe.

There had been rumours going around last year that Jolie would be reprising her role, despite the whole, you know, pesky bullet in the brain thing, but Bekmembatov hints that this may no longer be the case.

 “It’s a continuation of the story, with Wesley Gibson [played by lead James McAvoy in the first film]. Other people are dead, you know, we can’t bring them back. The story is the same character, same mythology, but it’s got a great twist.”

While it’s probably still a while before we’ll see anything of the further (mis)adventures of Wesley Gibson, Bekmembatov’s next project, Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter, is just around the corner with a 9 August local release.

(Source: The Playlist)

Last Updated: June 19, 2012


  1. James Francis

    June 19, 2012 at 13:22

    A very pretty girl once summed Wanted up to me as such: it’s a boy’s dream. You are a nobody and then discover something that makes you special. It’s how little boys think.

    That kinda ruined all of these sort of movies for me…

    But a sequel makes sense. The man- and woman-children will line up with glee.


  2. 2da9thpwr

    June 19, 2012 at 13:48

    A guy with a 13 inch penis that has consciousnesses.. Sold! You dont need to tell me twice, I need to read these comics..  


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